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Ten Easy Food and Drink Money Saving Tips

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Ten Easy Food & Drink Money Saving Tips

This image shows a table filled with food and drink

1. Check out the new customer vouchers, especially for your first on-line shop. You can save a pretty penny, even if you never use the shop again! Some supermarkets will offer up to £15 off a £60 shop.

2. Do you really need that premium coffee shop drink on your way to work in a morning? Buy a flask and bring your own, at around £3 a pop the savings will soon stack up.

3. Would you like some water with your meal sir/madam? Yes, please, just tap water thanks. No point paying high end prices for fancy bottled water – it’s still H2O!

4. Plan your food shopping by day/meal and stick to it, it saves impulse buys and also ending up with a trolley full of food that you can’t make meals out of.

5. Try and have a week where you empty the cupboards and freezer to save a trip to the shops. Embrace the weird and wonderful concoctions you can dream up – Alphabetti spaghetti and cauliflower cheese anyone?

6. Beware of the multi-buy discounts, especially on fresh food. No point buying 3 for the price of 2 if half of it ends up out of date and in the bin!

7. Make your own lunch instead of buying out. It only takes you a couple of minutes in the morning and if you’ve planned your shopping, you’ll have stuff in – It could save you about £4 a day!

8. Find yourself throwing lots of food out? Try buying frozen, it lasts a lot longer.

9. Is branded best? Try a budget supermarket for the essentials and just get your branded treats from the big boys.  It’s amazing the difference in your trolley cost.  The big brands like to keep it quiet, but sometimes it’s the same product in a different wrapper!

10. Eating out? Have a quick on-line search for special offers before you go in, especially with the chain restaurants, they often have a deal available or an online voucher.

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