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Home improvement on a budget

Home Improvement on a budget – 10 affordable renovation ideas

Home improvement may sound like an expensive pursuit, but there are stylish and affordable ways to makeover your house without breaking the bank. It could be that you are excited to renovate your new home or perhaps you are looking for ways to improve your property before putting it on the market. Either way, there are plenty of ideas to consider depending on your budget.

However, it is important that before you begin to approach the more cosmetic aspects of home improvement you ensure there are no major structural issues. These may be more expensive to resolve but should be prioritised before a new kitchen or redecorating. Issues such as a leaking roof, rotten joists, excessive damp or bowing walls are not only a health and safety concern but can affect the value of your home. If you are a homeowner, you may consider a home improvement loan to cover the costs.

Whether you are moving in or moving on, here are some ideas on how you can improve your home and, in some cases, even add value.

1.      Make the most of your fireplace

A fireplace is a fabulous feature in any room, if you are lucky to have a period fireplace in your home why not make the most its charming character and restore it as a focal point. Over the years, many homes had the fireplace removed or bricked up, but they can be reinstated, you could even do it yourself. Replacing a marble surround may prove a bit expensive but salvaged iron combination grates can be picked up online for a few hundred pounds.

2.      Freshen up your carpets and flooring

Tired carpets may need a good clean or even replacing depending on age. You can hire a professional standard deep cleaning kit and make a huge improvement to your carpet’s appearance as well as removing dirt and bacteria from your home.

If you have wooden flooring, you should try sanding and varnishing after giving them a scrub in order to get the best finish. Investing in a stylish, stair runner can also transform your hallway and make a great first impression for visitors or viewers.

3.      Restore cornicing and floor tiles

Original or period features are a real asset to your home but can often become worn over time. A cornice is a decorative trim where the wall and ceiling meet and are a splendid feature in most period homes. However, you may need to strip off decades worth of paint to make the most out of the cornicing in your room. You could do it yourself, but it is a strenuous job, so it may be worth calling in the professionals.

You may also consider restoring any original floor tiles, professional cleaning will remove any old polish, wax or grime on the surface bringing their former charm back.

Whatever improvements you are making always ensure you shop around for the most competitive prices.

4.      Brighten up your home

Making your home lighter can have a marvelous improvement for both yourself and potential buyers as it can create the illusion of space and is generally more appealing than a darker property. Making minor efforts such as cleaning your windows can bring in extra sunlight and installing bright, energy-efficient bulbs or light-fittings can make a huge difference to both light in the home and your bills, especially during the winter.

A skylight is a great way to transform a poorly lit room with natural light. They are usually an effective option for attic rooms and ready-made skylights are relatively easy to source and can be bought for competitive price. These improvements could contribute to adding value to your property.

5.      Replace curtains or blinds

Fixing up new curtains or blinds is a great way to bring a new lease of life to a room when working with a budget. Distinctive patterns are on-trend so why not purchase a few metres of fabric and have a go at making your own curtains, the unlined panels are usually easier to make. Stylish blinds can add a lot to a room too and can be cheap to replace.

6.      Get Decorating

It may sound obvious, but painting and decorating can make a huge improvement to your home and will make your property more appealing to any potential buyers as they may see your improvements as less work for them if they buy the property. If you have recently moved in, painting and decorating is also a great way to inject your personality into the property, although you may want to choose more neutral colours if you are looking to sell.

Minor odd jobs like fixing cupboards and ensuring your house looks fresh can also add value. You may also take the opportunity to increase storage space and put up some shelves. Try to take advantage of every inch of your home and have your shelves made to measure. This may require some DIY skills or the services of a bespoke furniture maker.

7.      Insulate your loft

Insulating your loft may be cheaper than you imagined. Many people choose to purchase loft insulation rolls from D.I.Y stores and install it themselves. Home improvements that make your home ‘greener’ or more efficient are considered a win-win as they contribute to cheaper energy bills while you live in the home and are also appealing to potential buyers. It is worth contacting your energy supplier as many offer grants to homeowners making a step towards an energy efficient home. In many cases, home insulation can pay for itself over the years, in the form of savings made on energy bills.

8.      Give your kitchen a makeover

You may want to completely renovate your kitchen by replacing all fittings, adding an island or making significant changes to layout or structure. This can be an expensive but worthwhile investment if the kitchen is in desperate need of modernising and there are home improvement loans available to help with covering the costs.

You may just want to give your kitchen a new lease of life through some smaller changes such as replacing worktops for faux marble, changing cupboard handles and the splashback behind the hob, can all contribute to the overall finish of the room. An attractive kitchen really appeals to viewers if you decide to put your property on the market.

9.      Revive your front door

It’s a great idea to improve your home by painting or replacing the front door, especially if you have recently moved in as it is a fantastic way to stamp your personality on the property. Pick your favourite colour and give it a fresh coat to stand out. A really old front door may need replacing or you may even want to add a porch for some extra space.

10. Don’t forget the outside

When improving your home, you can also give the exterior a makeover. If you have recently moved then the outside may need some extra care and attention depending on the previous owners upkeeping or your landscaping tastes. It is also important if you are selling the property as the outside appearance of your home is the first thing viewers see. It’s not necessary to carry out big jobs in order to make an improvement as smaller tasks like weeding the garden, putting up fences, painting windows and garages, repairing the lawn or trimming the bushes can really make a great impression.

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